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The Master’s Degree in Advanced Training in Metallurgy 4.0, a collaboration project between Cogne Acciai Speciali and the Polytechnic University of Turin that envisions employment under an apprenticeship contract, will start on 25 May.

Out of the nine participants, seven will be newly graduated 'external' engineers chosen after a careful screening process, and two will be internal engineers already working at the company who meet all the necessary requirements.

The seven external participants will then be hired under a Higher Education and Research Apprenticeship contract in the role of STEEL INDUSTRY ENGINEER.

The aim of the project is to train participants in specialist professional skills related to the steel industry for positions of responsibility.

The course will last 12 months, equal to a total of more than 1,500 hours distributed between classroom and 'on-the-job' training at the company under close supervision.

There will be some 580 hours of teaching, more than 200 of which will be supervised by Cogne Acciai Speciali technicians.

The Master's Degree will prepare new engineers to face the crucial challenges of producing high-quality special steel with digital and sustainable processes.

“The Company is now in a phase of expansion in which technological acquisition and sustainable transition are indispensable factors that must become part of the knowledge and know-how of all those who work at Cogne Acciai Speciali today and those who will contribute to charting the new course for the Company's development in the near future,” stated Cogne Acciai Speciali CEO Massimiliano Burelli. “The aim of the project, in the context of the Cogne Academy, is to place a group of young graduates with an engineering and scientific background in the field in order to play strategic technical roles and foster their professional growth.”

“This Master's course was designed through close collaboration between the Polytechnic University of Turin and Cogne Acciai Speciali,” explained Professor Daniele Ugues of the Applied Science and Technology Department (DISAT) of the university, the Scientific coordinator of the Master's course. “This approach was chosen in order to foster, together with the consolidation of the theoretical foundations on the engineering disciplines vital to the company, a simultaneous enrichment of skills in the best technologies and industrial practices currently in use or potentially to be implemented in the near future. As a metallurgist - Daniele Ugues continued - I can say that this Master’s

Programme offers an excellent opportunity to demonstrate once again that metallurgy is not only one of the driving industrial sectors of our country, but also one of the sectors most attentive to the technological and environmental challenges posed by the Fourth Industrial Revolution”.

“Given the investment being made in the people involved, who will be guaranteed a higher education apprenticeship contract, this Master's Degree represents a significant choice by Cogne Acciai Speciali,” stated Ilaria Fadda, Human Resources & Academy Director, the function responsible for the project. “The planning of the Master’s course, which lasted about six months, is the result of the close collaboration between Cogne Academy and the Production, Maintenance and Quality Departments, and this shows how the company vision is really shared among the different Areas involved. We couldn’t ask for better conditions for the start of the Master’s Degree in Advanced Training in Metallurgy 4.0”.


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