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Cogne Acciai Speciali S.p.A.

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Headquarters - Via Paravera 16, 11100 Aosta (AO) - Italia
Ph. +39 01 65 3021
Fax +39 01 65 43833

Aosta Plant - Goods Entrance East Gate

Via Valli Valdostane 59 - Aosta

(Intersection Via Lavoratori Vittime del Col du Mont)

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Declaration of intent

PEC Administration and electronic invoicing
PEC Sales
PEC Safety
PEC Environment
PEC Human resources

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GPS coordinates: Latitude: 45.73 / Longitude: 7.32

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How to reach us

By Car

Montorway A5 (Turin - Aosta), exit Aosta Est: you are less than 10 minutes away from Cogne. You can also get to Aosta from Switzerland, via the Gran San Bernardo Tunnel, or from France, via the "Mont Blanc" Tunnel.

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By Train

Trains between Turin and Aosta are fairly frequent and the journey takes approx 2 hours.. Aosta Railway Station is directly in front of Cogne-just walk through the subway marked VIA PARAVERA.

Consult the timetables.

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By Bus

The bus station is less than 5 minutes walk from Cogne Acciai Speciali and there are buses to major cities in northern Italy, including Turin and Milan.

Click for more information

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By Plane

Turin Airport is nearest and is a simple one hour door-to-door drive on the Aosta-Turin motorway. From the airport you can rent a car, take a taxi, or go to Turin Central Station, where you can take a train or bus ti Aosta. Milan Malpensa is the second nearest airport.

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