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Lean Organisation:
Continuous improvement is our goal

The LEAN COGNE programme continues to enhance and spread the culture of tidiness and cleanliness in the workplace, through the application of the 6S methodology for the entire plant perimeter.

The LEAN COGNE programme clearly demonstrates that an orderly and clean environment is the basis for safe, efficient and error-free work and that a comfortable, safe and organised workplace strengthens the sense of belonging and involvement in the company for our entire team.

  • Thanks to the enhancement of value-added activities, the rationalisation of spaces, the redevelopment of certain areas and the inclusion of visual management tools to support production activities, the factory has begun to ‘talk’…Cogne Open Days have opened  the company’s doors     to the local community with educational visits for key players in the area, schoolchildren, family members, locals in general and the list goes on…

The Lean Cogne programme focuses on continuous improvement, value stream analysis and waste elimination activities. The initiation of multiple cross-functional improvement groups  has enabled us to do the following:

  • Pool knowledge and support a problem-solving approach at all company levels;

  • Create synergies between the various initiatives;

  • Forge the common goals of sustainability, environmental impact, safety, customer service and employee welfare.


Our next steps are directed to a widespread diffusion of the Lean culture, the hallmark of Cogne Acciai Speciali. We are well on the way to extending this model to the entire Cogne Acciai Speciali Group, involving all our global distribution subsidiaries.

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