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10 successful Academy students start work at CAS

following successful completion of the in-house Industry 4.0 Technical Operator course

Ten young people have completed their training at the Cogne Academy and are now new entries at Cogne Acciai Speciali. Yesterday, Tuesday 13th December, they received their certificates of attendance for the Industry 4.0 Technical Operator course. This innovative 250-hour training programme is conducted both in the factory classroom and in the various production areas of the Aosta plant, with company experts and technicians as teachers and tutors.

In collaboration with Umana, Cogne Acciai Speciali Academy offers real career opportunities as Industry 4.0 Technical Operators,' explains Ilaria Fadda, Human Resources Director. 'This is a specialised professional figure, highly sought after in the industry and especially in the steel sector. We believe we have succeeded in conveying to the ten new workers at Cogne, the ability to integrate themselves into our production system, a leader in technical skills and professionalism. In addition to the acquisition of new professional and technical abilities, we place great importance on workplace safety and accident prevention, issues that are central to what we do and who we are .

During the graduation ceremony, Cogne Acciai Speciali's General Manager Monica Pirovano thanked the course instructors and training managers and stated that : ‘This is a great success for all of us. The first step of the Cogne Academy was create tailor-made training programmes for the young future Mechanical or Electrical Maintenance Technicians. Today the second project of the Cogne Academy is the successful conclusion of the Industry 4.0 Technical Operators course. This is just the beginning... Cogne Academy will continue to train young graduates from technical institutes for their job placement in our company, and in a few months' time it will also open its doors to neo-engineers with a post-university programme. This is because Cogne truly believes in young people, in the importance of their specific training within the factory allowing and investing in direct work experience. Cogne is dedicated to career development and growth and the company's philosophy is to contribute to the development of individuals in order to then find the resources within the company to assist Cogne Acciai Speciali's industrial development process.

Link download images of the course and the awarding of certificates.


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