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The Past, Present and Future of Steel: Cogne Acciai Speciali

Celebrating over a century of steel production, Cogne Acciai Speciali is today a world leader in the production of long stainless steel products and nickel alloys.


A strategic, innovative development plan has enabled Cogne Acciai Speciali to consolidate its solid positioning in the Oil & Gas, Power Generation and Automotive markets and acquire new and important certifications for Aerospace and Nickel-based product markets.


Our journey of change and success is the result of combined research, innovation and customised in-depth training programmes for all our team.


We currently employ more than 1 100 full-time, regular employees and an allied contingency staff brings our total up to 1,500. Cogne Acciai Speciali is the leading business in Valle d'Aosta and an industrial European powerhouse.

The Cogne Group has increased its sales/distribution network with the creation of several  productive and commercial subsidiaries in strategic geographical areas around the world which support the distribution and production of the Aosta plant.


In June 2022, Walsin Lihwa Corporation signed a deal with Cogne Acciai Speciali to become the 70% stakeholder. The production set-up of the new Group is truly progessive and is well on its way to becoming a world-class 'one-stop shop' for the most complex brands of stainless steel and nickel alloys.


This new powerful union of Walsin Lihwa and Cogne Acciai Speciali highlights their shared strengths of people first, evolving sustainability and customer satisfaction. Stay tuned…

On August 1, 2023, Cogne Acciai Speciali acquired the Degerfors and Storfors facilities of Outokumpu Long Products AB, a Swedish company specializing in stainless steel long products. With this transaction, Cogne Acciai Speciali has further strengthened its position in the production of large-sized bars.

Less than two months later, on September 19 of the same year, Cogne Acciai Speciali takes another step forward in its growth journey by successfully completing a capital increase of 200 million euros, fully subscribed and paid by its shareholders. This operation marks the finalization of the acquisition of the British company Special Melted Products, which was under the control of the German holding company Mutares SE & Co.

On May 3rd 2024, CAS acquired 65% of Com.Steel Inox S.p.A., a company active in the recovery and treatment of stainless steel and nickel alloys scrap in Calusco d'Adda (BG).

Sede Legale nella città di Aosta (Valle d'Aosta, Italia)

560.000 metri quadri di Stabilimento

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