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Excellence, Innovation, Professionalism

A world-class leader in the long stainless steel sector, Cogne Acciai Speciali produces a diversified range of special steels for use in high-tech sectors and is committed to guaranteeing the highest level of manufacturing, products and services in accordance with the most rigorous international standards and certifications.

Customer satisfaction, evolving sustainability and targeted employee development are key goals at Cogne Acciai Speciali. Our intrinsic values of respect for people, protection of their health and safety and safeguarding the precious environment and territory are part of our past, present and future.

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Investment in Professionalism

Cogne Acciai Speciali focusses on continuous employee training programmes to secure safety and ensure that the company is increasingly competitive and cutting-edge. Professional development supports workers at all levels and targets the versatility and flexibility of our resources. Our Annual Training Plan is continuously implemented and adjusted to provide the best education and information to support the evolution of our company.

Health and Safety

Our goal is ZERO INJURIES.

Safety culture is key to our company policy, supported and shared by top management, managers, supervisors, general employees and Workers' Safety Representatives alike.

Our motto is People First.


Professionalism and training

At Cogne Acciai Speciali,  training is key and has the win-win domino effect of making the company increasingly competitive and cutting-edge, as well as safe.

Professional development is necessary for our team to trigger and support transformation and to enhance specialist knowledge and technical skills, focusing on the versatility and flexibility of our company’s resources.

Every year our tailor-made  Annual Training Plan is structured and actioned to perfectly address the specific targets of our evolving organisation.

Young People: Our Future

Cogne has successfully implemented innovative school-to-work training courses involving over 60 students from the various secondary schools in Aosta.


In November 2021, the first virtual school bell rang for the 14 students enrolled in the 'Industry 4.0 Maintenance Technician' training course at Cogne Industrial School. This was indeed a memorable moment as the historic Cogne School was transformed online. At the end of this two-year course (2,000 hours of classroom, workshop and in-company training), students will acquire the qualification of 'Mechanical Maintenance Technician' or 'Electrical Maintenance Technician'.

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Inclusion and social life

We are a company made first and foremost of people. While we also seek to advance the world through our stainless steel, we believe that the success of our teammates furthers the success of our business.

This is reflected in our ongoing commitment to creating an environment focused on equality, inclusion and respect. To make big strides, sometimes small changes are enough. At Cogne, we care about our team and invest in them both inside and outside the company.

  • Corporate welfare platform

  • Conventions for employees and family members

  • Memorandum of understanding with the municipality of Aosta

  • Dedicated human resources desk

  • Scholarships for employees and children of our employees

  • Open doors for employees' children to visit the plant

  • Internal newsletter

  • Follow us on social channels to stay up to date

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