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Cogne Acciai Speciali

(*) Board member and employer appointed by the BoD

(**) Plant manager with full responsibility for Health and Safety: environmental protection, major accident prevention and fire prevention

(***) Responsible for QMS – Quality management system

Direzione industriale CAS.jpg

Cogne Acciai Speciali SpA
Industrial Direction

Cogne Acciai Speciali SpA
Sales Direction

Organigramma Marketing and Sales CAS_Tavola disegno 1.jpg

Cogne Acciai Speciali S.p.A. is on the White List. Cogne Acciai Speciali S.p.A. is enrolled on the list established by the Prefecture of Aosta, in which suppliers, service providers and executors of works NOT subject to mafia infiltration attempts, are identified and registered on the aforementioned ‘White List’. Additional information is available on the website of the Autonomous Region of Valle d'Aosta.


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