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Stainless Steel Executive of the year: Dr Eng. Giuseppe Marzorati

SMR awarded Cogne's President, Dr Eng. Giuseppe Marzorati as a "Stainless Steel Executive of the Year 2022" at its International Stainless & Special Steel Conference in Hamburg.

Marzorati has managed to turn a loss-making state-owned company Acciai Speciali Cogne into a powerful market leader. The company has a turnover of EUR 650 million, 1,500 employees in 4 production plants in Italy, Switzerland, Mexico, and China and 12 distribution centres.

Dr Marzorati started his career in the steel sector at the age of 25 at his father's steel mill in Milan, and since then, he has become a top player in founding and designing mills in Europe, a success story of almost 50 years in the making.

Given his success in the fasteners business, he was elected the European Industrial Fastener Institute president and was also President of the Eurofer STS Long Products Group.

The crucial year for Dr Marzorati and Cogne was 1994, when he decided to take over a loss-making steel mill in Aosta from the state-owned group ILVA. He transformed Cogne from a regional supplier of commodity products into a global leader of specialities, via significant investments, such as the new Greenfield plant in China in 2006 and the 5,000 t forging press built in Aosta in 2009.

The grand finale to his almost 70-year career is the powerful fusion of Cogne with Walsin Lihwa, a global stainless steel long products leader.

SMR has been awarding the title of stainless steel executive of the year and outstanding personality of the stainless steel industry since 2007. The election committee includes seven high-profile personalities, including some previous award winners.


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