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Food & Beverage

In the Food & Beverage industry, materials must be highly resistant to mechanical, chemical, and thermal stresses. In addition, high standards are applied to the stainless steel used in this sector, especially to ensure maximum safety for human contact and use. For this reason, all stainless steels used here must be inert to corrosion, showing strong mechanical and thermal resistance, free of porosity and perishable protective coatings. To guarantee the presence of these characteristics, all steels produced at Cogne Acciai Speciali and destined for the food industry strictly follow international standards and norms that result on highly qualified products.

Striscia Food.jpg

Cogne produces the following stainless steel for the Food & Beverage sector:


* These grades are MOCA (Materials and items in contact with food stuff) tested and certified according to requirements of European Regulations EC 1935/2004 and EC 2023/2006 and Italian National law D.M. n. 72 of 9 May 2019 and DM n. 258 of 21 December 2010.

Cogne grades are available as:

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