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Energy Sector

Cogne offers a wide range of stainless steel and nickel alloys to meet the exacting standards of today’s energy producers: whatever the power generation applications may be, Cogne has the right stainless steel for the job. Currently there are three main applications to the stainless steel and nickel alloys produced for this sector.

Turbine components

Known for properties such as high corrosion resistance, an exact combination of toughness and strength, the stainless steel produced by Cogne for turbine components has been made and perfectioned over the years to meet the various high demands of its customers.

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Nuclear Power Generation

In a world with ever increasing demand for green power generation, nuclear energy is becoming an increasingly important sector where stainless steel can provide the necessary high standards products it seeks for.


Renewable energy – Wind power generation

Wind plants require a great deal of wear resistance, toughness, and homogeneity. To maintain a long-term use with acceptable maintenance costs, while being able to bear large variations of wind speed, steel used for this purpose must meet high standard demands especially in elements such as screws and bolts.


Products in the energy sector are available in:

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