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Aerospace & Defense

Cogne Acciai Speciali S.p.A operates in compliance with AS/EN/JISQ 9100 for the aeronautical, space and defense industry for a broad range of Premium and Aircraft Quality long products. The company has full capacity and capabilities to carry out special processes according to NADCAP standards. Cogne’s well equipped mill, coupled with our worldwide distribution centers represent a unique sustainable solution for all customer needs in the Aerospace and Defense sector.




Production Process

An integrated sustainable process in a single site for a complete offer that includes:

  • Ingot and continuous casting

  • Remelting equipments (VAR + ESR)

  • Forging shop

  • Hot rolling mill

  • Cold drawing

  • Cold finishing equipment


High flexibility in terms of MOQ linked to a strong EN 9100/9120 distribution network, provides a unique solution that is available in wire rod, bars, and semi-finished products.




Material Testing

When it comes to material testing, Cogne has full capability with internal and external qualified laboratories for chemical, mechanical and metallurgical testing to meet the most demanding international standards (ISO, EN, ASTM and others).

Full internal capability for sample preparation and analysis, NADCAP qualified for tensile test (AC7101/3), Hardness (AC7102/5), Microstructure (AC7101/4).

Partnership with external Laboratories for additional tests according to NADCAP, GE S400 and other TIER1 or OEM’s qualification programs.

Expertise and special equipment are two important components to allow for continuous improvement of Cogne grades:


>Machining capability

>Corrosion behavior

>Others aiming to high performance materials




Heat Treatments

A broad set of furnaces for a widespread range of products allows Cogne to meet the most demanding requirements for stress relieving, ageing, annealing, solution annealing and tempering heat treatment, also according to NADCAP standards.

Pyrometry according to AMS 2750 and heat treatments according to AMS-H-6875, AMS 2761 and AMS 2759 series for calibrated mechanical properties for your special needs.


Non Destructive

Testing (NDT)

Non Destructive Testing (NDT)

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT): Ultrasonic Testing for both contact and immersion methods according to the most demanding standards for Aerospace production such as AMS-STD-2154, EN 4050 series, AMS 2630 and various EN and ASTM standards, also according to NADCAP requirements.

Internal NAS 410 III and II level personnel qualification for the most meticulous inspections of our Aircraft Quality and Premium Aircraft Quality materials.

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Cogne key grades for Aerospace & Defense

The grades available for Aerospace and Defense are divided and used in three main parts: landing gear components, structural parts, engine components. Below is a list of available grades for this sector:

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