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Agreement CAS - TELCHA: Waste heat originating from the Steel mill, will power the district heating network of Aosta

CAS and TELCHA have signed a historic 10 year partnership for the definition and regulation of the technical project of the thermal recovery from CAS production processes for the TELCHA teleheating heating system of the city of Aosta.

The heat recovery project will directly supply the city's district heating plant and has the added value of reducing gas consumption and CO 2 emissions -a reduction of 3,300 tonnes per year- equivalent to the planting of 66,000 trees...

The recovered thermal energy will be produced during CAS's production processes and transferred

to Telcha via a new plant .

This is a real example of how the fusion of two different worlds benefits the entire local community. A model of circular economy that boosts the city of Aosta.

Jean-François Chartrain (Presidente e amministratore delegato di Telcha) e Monica Pirovano (Direttore generale di Cogne Acciai Speciali)

Barbara Marelli (Direttore generale di Telcha), Jean-Francois Chartrain, Monica Pirovano, Matteo Diani (Direttore Impianti e Manutenzione di Cogne Acciai Speciali) e Vincenzo Monreale (Energy manager di Cogne Acciai Speciali)


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