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Cogne Acciai Speciali and Bard Fort

The Regen'Art exhibition project, the brainchild of two of the main players of Valle d'Aosta: Bard Fortress and Cogne Acciai Speciali. This project is rooted in the CAS experience of circular economy: special steels and nickel alloys are created from the''scrap'' of Cogne's industrial production flow and go onto find new life and new form. This is mirrored by the Cracking Art movement since 1993. The material in this case is plastic, but the process is the same: new figures are moulded from regenerated material. Animals, which become art. Cracking Art and Cogne Acciai Speciali therefore 'recognised' each other as actors in the same scenario and pledged to embark on an artistic journey dedicated to sustainability- the perfect companion in this trio as fellow protagonist and defender of environmental issues is the historic Bard Fort.

As the Cracking Art collective points out: the philosophy of Regenerating plastic means rescuing it from toxic and environmentally devastating destruction by giving it new life, transforming it into works of art via innovative, aesthetic language with a specific focus on nature.

The Regen'Art project is based in two locations, that will be home to dozens of colourful animals made of regenerated plastic. The unique ambience of Bard Fort will be the backdrop from 27 October 2022 to 19 March 2023 Bard and, from 27 October 2022 to 27 April 2023, these stunning creations will take pride of place inside the Cogne Acciai Speciali plant. CAS will open its doors to the general public to see these extraordinary giant and colourful animals as follows: 2 November and 2 December 2022, 19 January, 2 February, 2 March and 4 April 2023 ( sign up at The Bard Fort exhibition is dehors and is accessible with the entrance ticket to the fortress (info

For Cogne Acciai Speciali, the project has a twofold purpose,' says CEO Eugenio Marzorati. 'On one hand, it is part of the activities that the company has been carrying out for over a year to improve the knowledge of its production process and its economic and social reality for the local community. On the other, the exhibition inside the plant is intended as a tribute to the 'Cogne community'- first and foremost to the employees and all those who enter the Aosta production area every day.

It is no coincidence that the theme and the objects placed to interpret it revolve around the concept of circular economy and regeneration, or rather the recovery of matter. A theme linked to sustainability and respect for the environment and future generations. Concepts that are at the very heart of Cogne Acciai Speciali.

‘We immediately welcomed Cogne Acciai Speciali's proposal to collaborate on this project, which once again reinforces, in an artistic manner, the message on the importance of recycling and environmental protection that the Fortress of Bard has been committed to for years on several fronts,' states the President of the Forte di Bard Association, Ornella Badery. The legendary animals of Cracking Art will accompany visitors on an unusual tour. A journey through history, art, culture and nature with the augmented gaze of imagination.

The involvement of a prestigious industrial context such as Cogne Acciai Speciali and a historical memory such as the Fortress of Bard allows us to divulge our art, which in its temporariness becomes immortal in people's memories,' declares Paolo Bettinardi, CEO of Cracking Art. 'Cogne Acciai Speciali and the Fortress of Bard are the prefect locations to bring our contemporary fairy tales to life. I am sure they will also regenerate the spirit of all participants.

The official opening of the project, whose philosophy has been summed up in the title Regen'ART: When the recovery of matter is transformed into art, is scheduled for Wednesday, 26 October, at 11 a.m., at Bard Fort. In order to involve families and children more closely, the Fortress of Bard will propose on Sunday 30 October 2022, on the occasion of the first weekend of the opening of the exhibition, an educational activity with multple puzzles and riddles will lead them to discover the colourful animals that populate the Fort.


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