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Medical Sector

The use of stainless steel in the medical sector must combine precision, hygiene and extreme quality to ensure its successful use.

Cogne produces certified stainless steel in the medical sector according to requirements dictated by ASTM F899; ISO 7153-1; ASTM F138; ISO 5832-1; ASTM F1586; ISO 5832-9; ASTM F1314; NFS 94-090 (e EN10088-1, EN10088-3).

CAS’ has put forth its know-how of over a century of experience in the production of high-quality steel, together with the specific technical and quality requirements of this sector, to develop a range of steels that can be used in the production of surgical instruments and implants.  

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Surgical instruments such as scalpels, scissors, blades, retractors, forceps, pins, and probes must meet different requirements depending on whether the field of application is general surgery, dentistry, or orthopedics. Austenitic and duplex stainless types provide maximum corrosion resistance in contact with biological fluids and in instrument sterilization operations (in autoclaves or with chloride-containing disinfectants). Martensitic steel types, by virtue of the heat treatment to which they are subjected and their carbon content, combines good corrosion resistance with high cutting edges and wear and mechanical resistance required for dental applications, for example.

The Cogne grades available:


* Free machining grade.

The Cogne grades available:

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Although it is not possible to define a material for dental or orthopedic implants that is completely free from interactions with the human body, long-term medical experience has identified certain types of austenitic stainless steels that have a high level of biocompatibility (non-toxicity and non-allergenicity), which therefore can be used for permanent or semi-permanent surgical implants. Depending on whether prosthetic stems, plates, bone screws, disc implants, etc. there may be different steel strength requirements.

Cogne grades in the Medical sector are available as:

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