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Automotive Sector

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Cogne Acciai Speciali is committed to the exacting standards of the Automotive sector, proposing the most innovative solutions in the field of stainless steels and nickel alloys. Attention to market needs requiring the development of qualified products in terms of performance, safety, reliability and respect for the environment, with a focus on improving fuel efficiency.

Thanks to the know-how acquired over more than 100 years of experience in the production of stainless steel, Cogne offers a wide range of products, with tailor-made solutions developed through working side by side with the main players in the field.  

The products offered by Cogne for the automotive sector are certified according to ISO 14001:2015ISO 9001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, ISO 14021:2016, ISO/IEC 17025:2017 (chemical laboratory) and IATF 16949:2016. The grades offered, divided by application, can be selected in the menu below:


  • Fuel injectors components

  • High pressure pump

  • Engine valves - Inlet

  • Engine valves – Exaust

  • Throttle shaft

  • Turbocharge components

  • Fuel Rail

  • EGR components (Bypass valves)

  • Engine solenoids

  • Engine Sensors

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  • Fasteners

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  • Airbag - Bars for cartridge

  • ABS and ride control



  • Welding wire

  • Wool wire

  • Wire for support

  • Rings and flanges for fixing elements

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Available products:

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