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From the legacy of the historic Cogne School to the dynamic
Cogne Academy of today…

The cornerstone of our activities are our people and their future professional development. Tailor-made training and skills development empower us to meet the challenges of transformative modernity head on in an industry that is now in the midst of its 4th revolution.

Cogne Academy Highlights:

  • Create new training paths in line with real production and business needs.

  • Enhance internal professionalism by recruiting expert professionals as teachers to share our high level company know-how .

  • Create new, industry-specific employment opportunities for young people.

  • Promote equal opportunities.

  • Develop progressive In loco training.

  • Motivate and support all personnel while providing  the pathway for their professional development.

  • Endorse innovative, top level, full spectrum training.

Investing in People

Professional enhancement, training and skills development are key elements for human resources management policies to invest in the skills and well-being of our team. Safety culture is the crux of our human resources team, closely accompanied by functional organisational well-being, improved cooperation and continously evolving operations.


Cogne Academy is divided into two specific master training courses:

  1. Inset for professional growth and continuous innovation for Cogne Acciai Speciali employees via an Annual Training Plan, structured to meet the specific training needs to support the organisation.

  2. External training: post-diploma and post-degree specialisation courses for the development of skills that can be used within the company or for the external labour market.

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