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Cogne Academy NEWS: Training Innovation

Cogne Acciai Speciali Academy, in alliance with Umana Agency, is commencing an exciting new tutoring opportunity for future Technical Operators - Industry 4.0.

This specialist qualification, highly sought after in modern industry, trains students to meet all the challenges of evolved production context head on. Two years ago the re-invented Cogne Academy launched the highly successful training course for Maintenance Technicians…

Today Cogne Acciai Speciali turns its attention to the expert training of the future generation….

This new, completely free training course, targets students in possession of five-year diplomas. It is held in loco entirely at Cogne, 250 training hours are taught by company operators and technicians. For our trainees, this is a real immersion into the world of work ….

Cogne Academy: THE modern Factory School offers our students:

- Expert lecturers

- Qualified technical company personnel

- Classrooms, workshops, mechanical, electrical and hydraulic benches, as well as specialised equipment

- Company internships

- Direct experience of the production and maintenance environment of modern industry

Enrolment and selections in September 2022. Lessons start in October 2022.

CAS Job offers for successful trainees.

Sign up for Cogne Academy at


Investing in the future.

In-house training, skills development, innovative human resources…

Fast tracking to the fourth industrial revolution.

In synergy with real production and business needs.

Enhance internal professionalism with experts to share CAS know-how.

Creation of exciting new job opportunities.

Motivation, coaching, teamwork.

Cogne changes that meet the times.

The Cogne School is the first company training organisation that has over the years 'schooled' thousands of young people in Valle d'Aosta who, through its unique 'factory school'….

Professional enhancement, training and skills development are key elements for human resources management policies to invest in the skills and well-being of workers,' says Ilaria Fadda, Director of Human Resources at Cogne Acciai Speciali. ' Targets that the company wants to achieve through functional organisational well-being, improved operations and a growing appreciation of the culture of safety.

Professional growth is necessary, on the one hand, to structure figures that can contribute to company improvement and, on the other, to enhance internal knowledge and technical skills, focusing on the versatility and flexibility of our resources.

Cogne Academy Programmes:

-ROUTE 1. linked to internal training for the professional growth and updating of employees through an Annual Training Plan, based on training needs identified by the various processes to support the organisatio.

-ROUTE 2- external training: post-diploma specialisation courses eg. Industry 4.0 Technical Operator, and post-degree courses for the development of skills both in CAS and beyond…


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