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Architectural, Building & Construction (ABC) Sector

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In times of environmental awareness, it is important to construct for the future, while carefully considering a balanced cost-benefit analysis.  Exceptional service life is provided by stainless steel reinforcement in place of the ordinary reinforcement, particularly in the critical and difficult to maintain areas of a structure.

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Produced and registered as a product by Cogne Acciai Speciali, Concrinox® performance is typified by:

  • High pitting corrosion resistance (please see graph below)

  • Superior ductility and energy absorption in seismic situations

  • Low magnetic permeability

  • Superior cryogenic performance

  • High strength at elevated temperatures and excellent fire resistance

  • Outstanding machineability

  • Easy welding

The available Cogne grades for Concrinox® are:


The standard grades of reinforcement are available for each corrosion environment, as proposed by the European committee for Reinforcing in the draft standard for stainless steel reinforcement, EC019025 and BS6744. In line with our commitment to the international market, Cogne hold certification and produce our products to a host of international standards, like MTO (Ontario) official supplier. The internationally recognized reinforcement certification authority CARES have also approved the full range of Concrinox®, both for manufacture and processing of stainless steel reinforcement. According to Ministerial Decrees D.M. 09/01/1996 and 16/01/1996, Cogne Acciai Speciali for building applications are certified by the "Construction Sciences and Geo-structure "Section of the "POLITECNICO DI TORINO".

Available products:

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Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge

Why Stainless Steel instead of Carbon Steel?

The Nickel Institute sheds lights into the main reason why stainless steel should be used instead of carbon steel according to research that was carried out for a construction made with carbon steel in 1969, and stainless steel in 1941. The explanation is simple: Despite having a relatively higher cost of acquisition, stainless steel will have a much lower maintenance cost and allow for a longer lifetime when compared to a similar carbon steel used in any type of construction. 

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