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2020 Highlights 


In striving towards our “Zero Accidents” objective, we achieved a 30% reduction in the “frequency index” and an 8% reduction in the “severity index”. Overall, injuries decreased by 39%. (These results in comparison to last year’s).

In 2020 our Company invested 500.000 € in Management of COVID-19 Prevention; both inside and outside the plant: for equipment purchase and for various activities related to fighting the pandemic. Cogne also contributed to our local area by donating to Aosta’s Civil Protection.




Among the results dealing with the primary and most ambitious objectives of the Report we achieved significant reduction of CO2 emissions: in 2020 Cogne contributed to the protection of the environment with a decrease of  over 17,100 ton of CO2 emission. A result obtained through the use of green energy and km 0  measures.



2020 Sustainability Report

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