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Cogne Acciai Speciali returns to Industrial Output


Throughout this period, Cogne had remained operational, ensuring continuity of shipments and of its supply chain.


Today our company Cogne Acciai Speciali has resumed Industrial Production and Output.

On the basis of the agreement signed with our trade unions, the production activity of Cogne Acciai Speciali resumes within the scope of the supply chains – as indicated by the relevant Prime Minister’s Decree;  thereby supporting our shipping service (which never ceased to operate) and thus ensuring the continuity required to feed the supply chain of our strategic industrial sectors, thanks also to our specially dedicated warehouses.

Our return to Industrial Production was made possible by the adoption of a new organizational model which –  through the adoption of best practices –  incorporates the provisions of the Protocol signed by the Ministry, the Trade Unions and the Trade organizations in order to continue to operate with the highest possible safety standards for our workers in relation to COVID 19.

Aosta, April 6th , 2020